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Kalabhavan Mani - Profile

Kalabhavan Mani, born on September 2, 1970, is a South Indian actor and singer, who started his career through Malayalam films. At first he was a comedian and then he turned out to be a serious actor as well as a strong hero and villain. He played a number of films in Malayalam and Tamil. He has proved his acting prowess in movies like Vasantiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum, in which he plays a blind street singer.
Mani started his career as a mimicry artist in Kalabhavan, Kochi. He started his acting career through a Malayalam film Aksharam as an auto driver. Since then, he has acted in several movies as a comedian. His first serious role was in the film My Dear Karady. He is also a play back singer. He has acted in more than 80 films in Malayalam and more than 100 in the two languages. He was born in Chalakudy, Kerala. People in Chalakudy are very much fond of him. Kalabhavan Mani, (most professional artists hailing from Kalabhavan have added it to their name) is also a successful singer of Nadan Paattu (Folk Songs). His first released album was 'Kannimanga Prayathil'. Following which he has established a parallel industry of 'Nadan Pattukal' selling record number of releases. He has also released a few religious songs and Mappila Pattukal, which however did not make an expected impact in the market.


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