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Shakeela - Profile

Shakeela is a Tamil, Telugu, & Kannada film actress from India who has appeared in Indian softcore pornographic movies. She started out as an actor in B-grade movies in the early 1990s.She became a star in Malayalam as she acted in "Kinnara Thumbikal", which became a real success and started off a new trend in the industry.
There was once a time when her films were more successful than those of superstars Mammooty and Mohanlal's. Her films were dubbed and released even in languages like Asamese! She had become popular at a time when Malayalam film industry was going through a bad recession. All the films were becoming flop and the industry was fast losing its appeal. She claimed that even well known mainstream film directors used to make films with her under assumed names.
Now shakeela is acting in character roles mainly in telugu and tamil films.


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