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Mohanlal - Profile

Mr Jaison Jose Oct 6, 2009 , ,
Mohanlal is highly talented and popular actor cum producer of the South Indian film industry. A national award winner for acting, Mohanlal hails from the beautiful South Indian state of Kerala and has worked in numerous good movies. What makes Mohanlal distinct are his versatility, natural acting and right body language in films. Due to these factors, Mohanlal has availed the opportunity to work with the crème directors and scriptwriters of Malayalam films. To highlight his contribution in Indian cinema, the Government of India awarded him the coveted Padma Shri in 2001.

Here's indepth information on the biography of Mohanlal, whose popularity soared with the release of some light-hearted roles during the 1980s. The 1990s is called the golden age of Malayalam film industry as it churned out some of the all time greatest movies, with most of them starring Mohanlal. This brought the actor tremendous success and fame. Born on 21 May in 1960 at Elanthur in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, Mohanlal was interested into acting from his very childhood. Though average in studies, young Mohanlal was elected as the best actor in school when he was in class six.

Know more about the life history of Mohanlal, who got entry into movies when his friends opened up a film company called Bharath Cine Group and started making a film 'Thiranottam', in which Mohanlal was given a comic role to enact. Unfortunately, due to certain reasons this film was never released. As such, the first meaningful break into movies came into 1980s for Mohanlal. There was a production house that was looking for fresh faces. Mohanlal's friends applied for this post on his behalf, which got him selected.

There was no shortage of opportunities after this for Mohanlal. By 1983, he featured in more than 25 movies. As a young talented man, Mohanlal received many offers to explore a variety of characters and during this course, he turned pally with a number of Malayalam film directors and script writers. The mid 1980s proved to be most beneficial for Mohanlal as Sathyan Anthikad's T.P.Balagopalan M.A got him the first Kerala State award for best actor. Further the release of Rajavinte Makan, in which Mohanlal played the role of a don, brought him finally into the top league of the Malayalam film industry.
Mohanlal's does not have a theatre background. He debuted on the stage as Karna in Karnabharam, a Sanskrit play that was premiered in New Delhi as part of the National Theatre Festival. The play depicts Karna's mental agony a day before the Kurukshetra war, when he thinks about his past and his faith.Kadhayattam, was a presentation enacted by Mohanlal, depicting 10 unforgettable characters and situations selected from Malayalam literature. He has said that it is his offering to his mother tongue. The presentation was a fusion of stage acting, movie expression, sound and lighting techniques and music, conceived by film director T.K. Rajeev Kumar.Chayamukhi is Mohanlal's latest play under the banner 'Kalidasa Visual Magic' - a production house promoted jointly by Mohanlal and another well-known Malayalam actor Mukesh.

Mohanlal chooses his movies and plays mostly on instinct and likes to let things happen.He prefers and enjoys working in the Malayalam industry with a close group of people whom he has known from his early career. Many of his best school-college mates are with him in the film industry. These include director Priyadarshan, singer M. G. Sreekumar, actor Raju and producer Suresh Kumar.Mohanlal is viewed as a spontaneous actor with the ability to effectively portray the characters' inner feelings and turmoils and express what the director wants, very fast and convincingly. He is uncomfortable working in other languages and attributes it to his lack of command over the intricacies of those languages.


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