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Fahad Fazil

Fahad Fazil (rechristened as Shanu) is a Malayalam film actor who entered Malayalam Cinema with his debut in Kaiyethum Doorath. This film was directed by Fazil, his father.

Dulquar Salman

Dulquar Salman was born on 28 July 1986 as the younger son of Sulfath and Mammootty. He studied in Kerala till primary classes, after which he joined Shishya School in...

Rajeev Govind Pillai

Rajeev Govinda Pillai is an upcoming actor who has started his career as a model. And Now he is in the Official CCL team of Kerala by name "Kerala Strikers".We wish him all success

Unni Mukundan

Unni Mukundan made his debut in the tamil film SEEDAN(2011) which is an adaptation of the Malayalam movie NANDANAM. He played the heroe’s role which was played by Prithviraj iin Malayalam version. The film was directed by Subramaniam Shiva. The film – a simple love story targeted on the family audience- was released on 25th Feb 2011.His entry into Malayalam films is through `1993 Bombay March 12’ directed by Babu Janardhan.

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Ivan Megharoopan

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The King & The Commissioner - Profile

Mr Jaison Jose Mar 23, 2012 ,
The story is set in New Delhi, where Joseph Alex IAS and Bharat Chandran IPS are working. The two come together to investigate a crime and the film is centred around that.The policeman and the bureaucrat now shift base to New Delhi and use their joint talents to ward off a 26/11 like attack in the capital, whose target is none other than the Prime Minister of the country. Joseph Alex IAS is now serving the Home Minister (Janardhanan), and has been hand picked by the Prime Minister to carry out this operation. Bharathchandran comes in the frame to provide security to Joseph Alex and to assist him.Some characters from the earlier films reappear here, like Devan who played a corrupt IPS officer in The King and KPAC Lalitha who played Mammooty's mother. Janardhanan as the Home Minister . Veteran Marathi actor Mohan Agashe as the Prime Minister.


Shikkari - Profile

Mr Jaison Jose Mar 9, 2012
Shikari is an Indian bilingual film in Kannada and Malayalam. The film is written and directed by Abhaya Simha. It stars Mammootty and Poonam Bajwa in the lead, with Aditya, Mohan and Innocent doing other major roles. The film is the Kannada debut of Megastar Mammootty, and also the Malayalam debut of director Abhay Simha and music director V. Harikrishna. Both Mammooty and Poonam Bajwa play double roles, set in two different timelines.The story revolves around a the life of a software engineer, who stumbles upon a novel called Shikari. He begins to read it and falls in love with a character from the book, which is set in the pre-Independence era. The story unfolds in two time-lines and both the actors play two characters each.

Director :Abhaya Simha
Producer :K Manju
Script : Abhaya Simha
Dialogues: Easwar Santhosh
Cinematographer :Dr Vikram Srivastava
Editing :S Manohar
Music :Hari Krishna
Lyrics: Kaithapram, Sarath Chandran Wayanad, Murugan Kattakada, Santhosh Varma
Dance: Madan Harini
Action: Anal Arasu
PRO: Nagendra