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Loud Speaker - Profile

Mike will take you on a journey; a journey from the land of innocent people, trees and nature into a noisy world of polluted people, skyscrapers and closed rooms! A journey with an aim. An aim for his beloved father. Mike speaks louder than anyone in a place where people rarely speak. He opens his heart to the heartless. Joining him on the journey of realization is Menon, a man different at every level one could think off. Together Mike and Menon unravel a life of colour, joy, fun and reality. Annie, a nurse and the cute little girl, Angela form a bond of innocence with the 'Loud speaker'. Mike break the silence of everyone around. His presence is an experience. A loud experience! Menon has experienced Mike. Mike has showered color upon Menon's past and present. But... will he live for a future that he is yet to color for? Or will he live to be the reminder of a voice of nuisance or of the life and love that’s waiting?
Screeenplay Dialogue, Producer & Director : Jayaraj
Story:Jayaraj, P.Y. Jose
Cinematographer: Gunashekhar Dft
Editor: Vijai Sankar
Music: Bijibal
Lyrics: Anil Panachooran
Singers : P.Jayachandran, Vijay Yesudas, Baby Swetha Menon, Baby Sethu Parvathy, Alan Joy Mathew, Ganesh Sundaram, Anjali.
Sound Designer: Hari Kumar (Mumbai)
Art Direction: Prashanth Madhav
Make Up: Ranjith Ambady, George (Mammootty)
Costume Designer: Kumar Edappal, Kumar (Mammootty)
Stills : Kannan Sooraj
Associate Director: Santhosh Eashwar
Production Controller: Sanal Vellayani
Executive Producer: Sathish Raj, Tajudheen
Co-Producer: Prof. M. P. Surendranath
Distributor: Time Ads
Production Execuitive : M. Baburaj
Production Manager : Aravindan Nelluvaya, Binu Kottayam, Kadher
Location Manager : Jayan CAD


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