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Alexander The Great - Profile

Saikumar plays the role of Prathapa Verma, a rich man settled in Dubai who has a son Manu (Bala) but also has an illegal relation with another lady in Mumbai, Janet in which he has another son named Alexander (Mohanlal). In his will, he has written all his wealth will go to his son Alexander. If Alexander dies, then 40% of Prathapa Verma's wealth will go to his relatives (Siddique, K. B. Ganesh Kumar, etc) and 30% goes to Manu, 30% to a trust. If Manu dies, then 100% will go to the trust. So the relatives decides to kill him while Manu decides to go and meet Alexander and get legal power from him so that he can take the wealth, and then kill him or get rid of Alexander. But to their surprise, Alexander is in mental rehabilitation center under the treatment of Dr. Kora (Nedumudi Venu). Eventually, over time Manu realizes that his brother has more unique abilities, which he grows to accept. He starts becoming fond of his step-brother. The story then progresses how Manu brings Alexander to Dubai. After reaching Dubai, the struggles that Alexander faces happens to form the rest of the story.

Director: Murali Nagavally
Producer: V.B.K Menon
Banner: Anugraha Cine Arts
Screenplay: C Balachandran
Dialogue: C Balachandran
Story/Writer: C Balachandran
Cinematography: D Kannan
Editing: V Sajan
Music: M.G. Sreekumar
Lyrics: Gireesh Puthenchery
Art Direction: Renjith Kothary
Cast: Mohanlal,Jagadish,Kiran Kher,Lakshmi,Saikumar


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