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Inganeyum Oral - Profile

Vinu Mohan & Sarayu in Lead Roles
Balachandra Menon, a professor who has remained a chronic bachelor out of choice. He has painted the picture of the bride in his dream and religiously worships her. He has nothing against women though, and nurtures the picture of an ideal partner in his mind. But always averse to the idea of getting married, his friends and well wishers want him to settle down before his retirement in the near future. His buddy Appu Pillai wants to see him settled before his retirement from the college and tries all possible tricks to convince the professor. In search of his dream girl, the professor gets disappointed and accepts his fate of solitude. Menon is about to get retired, and has almost resigned himself to his lonely life when life changes all on a sudden.
Along comes Priyamvada (Praveena) and he gets married to her. Fate unfortunately has other plans for him. Rahul (Vinu Mohan) who is Menon's nephew, stays with him and the wonderful relationship that develops between him and Priyamvada makes Menon suspicious. Strain in family relations develop among the couple as they undergo traumatic experiences. Menon throws his wife out of his life.



Director: Kabeer Raothar
Producer: Sainudeen
Banner: Sain and Sons
Cinematography: Ramachandra Babu
Music: Mohan Sitara
Lyrics: Bichu Thirumala, Kaithapram
Editing: Beena Paul
Singers: K. S. Chithra, Venugopal, Madhu Balakrishnan, Sheela Mani
Cast: Sai Kumar,Praveena,Vinu Mohan,Sarayu ,Mamu Koya, KPAC Lalitha , Kulappulli Leela, Nayana,Janaki, Vettoor Purushan, Poojappara Ravi ,Raghavan , Indrans ,Najeeb Mattappalli , S Rajan Kilimanoor ,P Sreekumar


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