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Sankaranum Mohananum - Profile

Mr Jaison Jose Jun 10, 2011
The film is a journey through the minds of Mohanakrishnan, a fashion photographer living in Kochi. He was earlier based in Mumbai, and is separated from his wife, Jyotsna Mathew, a model and an aspiring actor who lives in Mumbai with their child. His older brother Sankaran, is a school teacher in Malabar. Sankaran, in his early forties, gets married to a much younger woman named Rajalakshmi, but he dies of a snake bite the day after the wedding. The ghost of Shankaran haunts Mohanakrishnan from then on. Sankaran's undying love for his wife and also the lack of love in the life of his brother is the reason Sankaran haunts Mohanakrishnan. The ghost appears before Sankaran in various get-ups and what keeps Sankaran going is his eternal devotion toward his wife and brother. Certain strange happenings vex Rajalakshmi also, who seeks help from Sankaran. She doesn't know that the ghost of her husband is behind all these strange incidents.


Director: T. V. Chandran
Producer: Prem Prakash,Raju Malyath
Script: T. V. Chandran
Cast: Jayasurya,Meera Nandan,Rima Kallingal,Lalu Alex
Music: Isaac Thomas Kottukappilly,Mohan Sithara
Cinematography: Pradeep Nair
Studio: Prakash Movietone, Ragam Movies
Distributor: Century Films



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