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Special Gallery : Strikers & Crew Films - The New Movie Marketing Mathra

Strikers & Crew films, the largest growing team was established in 2000 in Middle East with an objective to develop and produce Ad films, corporate films, promotional films, safety films and television shows. Today S&C stands on a support of more than eighty high end professionals and talented media technicians who brought out a revolution in the movie and television industry. Team s&c Include Film Makers, Concept Designers Cinematographers, Film-video editors, spot editing specialists, Vfx/Gfx Artists, Animators, music composers etc.

S &C is a hot house of creative people, intent on generating high-end results, the team devices and enables our technology driven business to accelerate the successful maturing of product in the following digital post-production areas: grading, editing, compositing, animation, moving images and producing visual effects for television and film. It’s a world where we along with our innate expertise provide the gamut of digital visual effects and computer animation to advertising, music, TV and feature film industries,

Now Strikers & Crew is a major artistic dealer in South Indian film industry. On vision of expansion, team S&C is all set to provide a platform of designing entire feature films in Molly wood for leading production companies and directors, in order to ensure the creative and technical aspects of film making. With firm belief in the management principle “Promotions are hidden bombs behind success of a movie” S&C has a lot of innovative and unique film promotion programs like Film fiction, Staged events, Road Shows, Websites, SMS caller tunes, Trailers, etc.

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Shaz( Shabeer)
Film Maker
Cell - India : 00919895471991, ell - Dubai : 00971505148843
E-mail Strikersncrew@gmail.com


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