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Pappy Appacha - Profile

The Pappy Appacha directed by Mamas Chandran who is a debutant director. Dileep and Kavya Madhavan of Pappy Appacha in the lead, Aiming at a Vishu 2010 release, papi appacha is an action/comedy movie produced by Dileep's brother Anoop under the banner of Grand Productions.The movie feature Dileep and Innocent as the son-father duo. Also, Kavya Madhavan stage a grand comeback with Pappy Appacha.Sanjeev Sankar is behind the camera of Pappy Appacha and is responsible for canning the frames on celluloid.The story and screen of movie name has been conceived by . Editing is by for the right cut at the right time. The lyrics written by have been set to tune by Vidyasagar .


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