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Holidays - Profile

Holidays is about a few IT students from Kerala who are studying in Bangalore. With Alex Paul handling the music and Kaithapram Damodaran Nampoothiri the lyrics, the songs are set to be a super hit. The highlight of course will be the song by famous singer Shankar Mahadevan. Songs will be picturised in Kuala Lumpur and the Movie will be shot at various locations in Malasia,Munnar and Kochi.

This movie gives importance for love, songs and actions also it has more importance in detective mode of finding cases. alby, soumitran, sudhi, viramani, bionne, jannet, priya were studying at a prestigious institute in Bangalore. They planned to enjoy one vacation holidays at kerala. Without the knowledge of there parents, friends and college staffs they moved to kerala, they traveled in an Hi-tech bus they had specific plans in there mind but on the journey one strange girl enter there bus and the journey continues. Suddenly after 1Km the bus stops some enters the bus and try to take away the lady forcefully here viramani engaged in this matter and escaped that lady from the hands of the strangers.

Director : Atlas Ramachandran
Producer : Satish Babu
Cinematography : Ulpal Datt
Music Director : Alex Paul
Cast : Vinu Mohan, Ranjith Menon, Sudheesh, Muktha, Priyalal, Roopasree Asokan, Anil Murali, Karatte Raja


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